Ejay Falcon wins PPB Teen Edition Plus!

Ejay Falcon

Yes, the young poor boy from Mindoro wins this season’s Pinoy Big brother Teen Edition!

Not surprising since he has been one of the top favorites since the season began. Robi gets second place followed by Nicole and Beauty rounds up the teen big four.

Mabuti naman at totoong pinoy yung nanalo and not one of the fil–ams who have been too common since the franchise began airing locally.

Baron’s return a result of Ethel & Mcoy’s exit?

Baron Geisler

Yes, Baron is back in the house. More importantly, he is back after two housemates left the house voluntarily after preventable disagreements with Big Brother himself.

I have several reason to believe that Baron’s return is partly a result of Mcoy and Ethel’s hasty exit. After all, the show simply couldn’t go on and rate well without persistent troublemakers. They’ve lost what could’ve been an interesting feud in Marylaine & Jen, and Megan could’ve provided some more things to talk about. They desperately need some trouble inside.

And please don’t tell me that it was the votes that brought Baron back inside the house. We all know that.

Ethel & Mcoy voluntary exit

It seems that to some people, Pinoy Big Brother is no longer funny. Of course many of us would agree, and somehow sympathize with Ethel Booba’s and Mcoy Fundales’ decision to leave the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 after all the things they’ve just gone through.

Though Ethel has always been known as a consistent “pasaway,” she does make a few points regarding the sacrifices they were made to endure, despite no signs of any rewards whatsoever. Obviously, she got fed up and couldn’t take any more of it, hastily requesting to leave the house. Though she’s responsible for her actions, Big Brother could’ve handled the situation much better.

And then there’s Mcoy’s issue. Having been insinuated upon that he might have produced a plagiarized story for a task they were supposed to complete, the Orange & Lemons frontman took insult and was visibly disturbed on the attack on his artistic integrity. After all, this isn’t the first time he is questioned in such a way, after their song “Pinoy Ako” for the very first PBB was subjected to scrutiny for it being a blatant of a song from an old British band.

In both cases, the problem could’ve been handled much better if Big Brother chose to simply let the situation die down. Instead, he chose to lose his cool and present offensive questions to both housemates, resulting in their voluntary exit. He could’ve handled it much better, and there’s no one else to blame.

Second Nomination Night: Megan, Zara, & Baron (plus Donald) nominated for eviction!

The second nomination night again sees Megan as a nominee for eviction, as she was automatically nominated by Ethel Booba, the current head of household. If she would only try to clean up her act and simply fit in with the rest of the housemates, maybe she’d last this round of evictions. But at this point, would it all be too late?

Also nominated is Zara, who figuratively doesn’t exist at all. With the way things are going, she isn’t making any impact and might not get enough votes to keep her inside the house. At the end of this round, she simply might be evicted for not having enough impact at all, be it positive or negative.

Lastly, two–in–one housemates (and brothers) Baron and Donald are also nominated, though they are likely to survive with the way things look.

The coming week will be very interesting as these housemates do their best to save their slots in Pinoy Big Brother.

Jen and Marylaine evicted!

Perhaps a result of their constant bickering, Jennifer Da Silva and Marylaine Viernes are the first evictees of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2. Though they have worked together as 26K girls in the game show “Deal or No Deal,” they were always bickering and catching too much attention for their own good. Megan Young was sobbing though obviously relieved knowing that she will still be staying inside the house, at least until the next eviction.

A first for this season is the “PBB Walk of Fame” where evictees are made to dip their feet in presumably quick–dying plaster cement to document their stay in the popular big brother house. Hollywood–style honors?

Housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2

So do you know the housemates of the current Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition? Here they are, with links to their profiles:

  1. Will Devaughn
  2. Megan Young
  3. Riza Santos
  4. Ruben Gonzaga
  5. Victor Basa
  6. Yayo Aguila
  7. Baron Geisler
  8. Marylaine Viernes
  9. Jennifer De Silva
  10. Donald Geisler
  11. Gabby Dela Merced
  12. Mcoy Fundales
  13. Zara Aldana
  14. Jon Avila
  15. Ethel Booba

Do you have anything to share about them? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment.

Bruce Quebral on PBB2?

Bruce Quebral

I just got a rumor from a very reliable source that gay magnet Bruce Quebral is one of the remaining housemates slated to enter the PBB house in the next few days.

This hottie of a model (I sound so gay saying this) used to play for the UP Maroons in one of their never–ending losing seasons. But who cares? His fans don’t give a damn about the Maroons, they just want him bare!

You heard it here first: Bruce Quebral is on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2!

Note: To the photographer who took the pictures I reposted above, please leave a comment and I’d gladly credit you and link to you, or remove the image if you desire. I couldn’t help doing a great service to our female readers as quickly as possible. 🙂

Just 6 Housemates?

Pinoy Big Brother 2

Tonight’s PBB2 launch has just concluded with six housemates officially inside the house. Just six! I think kuya is reaching into his bag of tricks to get the intrigue and interest going.

Having only six should be rather simple and peaceful for everyone, but he made sure he had a Fil–foreign inside who can speak neither Filipino nor English. I couldn’t imagine how the next few days would turn out with all the conversational confusion as well as the surprise as the remaining housemates are introduced into the house.

2nd Set of Housemates

Pinoy Big Brother 2

The second set of housemates has just entered the big brother house, and it seems finally we have something interesting.

Saicy is from Bacolod and Gee-ann is from Quezon City. The sixth housemate to enter is Mickey from Switzerland, who can’t speak a word of English and should provide all the possible twists in the next few days.

Mickey entered the house and went directly inside the house, unlike the others who stayed in the garden. Of course it doesn’t make sense to the others for now. So what happens next?