Baron’s return a result of Ethel & Mcoy’s exit?

Baron Geisler

Yes, Baron is back in the house. More importantly, he is back after two housemates left the house voluntarily after preventable disagreements with Big Brother himself.

I have several reason to believe that Baron’s return is partly a result of Mcoy and Ethel’s hasty exit. After all, the show simply couldn’t go on and rate well without persistent troublemakers. They’ve lost what could’ve been an interesting feud in Marylaine & Jen, and Megan could’ve provided some more things to talk about. They desperately need some trouble inside.

And please don’t tell me that it was the votes that brought Baron back inside the house. We all know that.

3 thoughts on “Baron’s return a result of Ethel & Mcoy’s exit?”

  1. Dictatorship is one thing that most if not all Filipinos want to experience in real life…again. Those of us who were born after after 1986 may not have a complete grasp of what the Filipinos experienced under the Marcos regime.

    The “Pinoy Big Brother” is a dictator. Well, it’s show business, many would say, but the program has become a “horrible so-called reality show.” Many have ceased to be amused by the abuses of “Big Brother” toward the housemates.

    Without the prize money and the promise of more “fame” (or notoreity), I’m sure no one would ever subject himself or herself to the psychological abuses of Big Brother who IS known to many. Big Brother is supposed to be UNKNOWN to the housemates and the viewers. The “Banker” in the game show “Deal or no Deal” is more like a big brother.

    I pity those housemates who willingly allowed themselves to be abused by Dyogi a.k.a. Big Brother! Especially the mother, who opted to leave her children for the attempting to regain her fame, which I believe she didn’t really have.

    The original connotation of “Big Brother” is someone who is not seen, not being talked to,and not giving out orders and meting out punishments, and who who just secretely observe that behavior of housemates. If this be the way the program is handled it would be very educational indeed in terms of human behavior.

    I don’t know if “Big Brother” programs in other countries are handled the same way as in the Philippines.

    It is said that the program is not scripted. Do you believe that b.s.?

    One interesting shift in the way the program is being handled is to assign another Big Brother who is truly unknown and make Dyogi as one of the housemates. That would be interesting … very interesting!

    I wish the network could be tranparent about the result of the public voting for or against nominated evictees.

    I commend Ethel and Macoy for standing up against Big Brother. That, I think, is an appropriate behavior against oppression!

  2. Oops, what I meant in the opening sentence of my previously submitted comment is that “we don’t want to experience dictatorship again.”

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