Ethel & Mcoy voluntary exit

It seems that to some people, Pinoy Big Brother is no longer funny. Of course many of us would agree, and somehow sympathize with Ethel Booba’s and Mcoy Fundales’ decision to leave the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 after all the things they’ve just gone through.

Though Ethel has always been known as a consistent “pasaway,” she does make a few points regarding the sacrifices they were made to endure, despite no signs of any rewards whatsoever. Obviously, she got fed up and couldn’t take any more of it, hastily requesting to leave the house. Though she’s responsible for her actions, Big Brother could’ve handled the situation much better.

And then there’s Mcoy’s issue. Having been insinuated upon that he might have produced a plagiarized story for a task they were supposed to complete, the Orange & Lemons frontman took insult and was visibly disturbed on the attack on his artistic integrity. After all, this isn’t the first time he is questioned in such a way, after their song “Pinoy Ako” for the very first PBB was subjected to scrutiny for it being a blatant of a song from an old British band.

In both cases, the problem could’ve been handled much better if Big Brother chose to simply let the situation die down. Instead, he chose to lose his cool and present offensive questions to both housemates, resulting in their voluntary exit. He could’ve handled it much better, and there’s no one else to blame.

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  1. Pikon si Kuya! He should enter his own house as housemate not as master of the house. Hindi niya na-handle si Mcoy, at obvious na napikon, hindi na sya reasonable. Ang dating pa parangnaging si Mcoy pa ang sensitive sa isyu, di ba si kuya di nakaya ang
    mga reasons ni Mcoy. hay y y

    May favorite ngayon, lagi naka-focus kay mariel ang camera. At mga punishment at mga pinapagwa mga imposible. Tama si Ethel sa kanyang mga sinabi kay kuya, punishment tapos naging sacreifice . . . ano ba talaga kuya.

  2. Kuya should ask for an apology from both of them. I dont like the way the House is being run these days. The tasks are silly and are just camouflaged with pretentious “charity causes”. The House is literally making its inhabitants lab rats, making use of them, mocking them out, for the show’s and the network’s benefits. Pinoy Big Brother should not be called “Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay” because in fact, the organizers of the show are controlling the lives the housemates.

  3. I had always held the notion that Big Brother program was a production and not just a “come what may” TV program.
    It appears to me now that it’s too amateurish and the talent who voices up Big Brother seemed to have got into his head that he is the Big Brother, the program. Thus, he lost his cool and showed his flimsy attitude in handling Ethel’s and Mccoys situation. It made the show lose it’s “professional” handling as if it’s not a franchise of a worldwide distribution.
    The “voice talent” in the show keeps saying that the “sacrifices” being done by the housemates were such but how can those be “sacrifices” when they dont even know why their doing was a “sacrifice” instead they thought that it was a “punishment” first meted out to Mariel, then to them also.
    It seems that the production staff don’t give the tasks in the house enough thoughts or study.
    I wont be surprised if Endemol would be disappointed in the way the program is being run by amateurs and the “voice talent” losing his grip to reality… that he is just the “voice” not the whole program.

  4. I think it was right that the plagiarism issue was bought up. I don’t think anyone from Orange and Lemons got what they rightfully deserve from ripping off a song, claiming it was original, and denying the issue.

    If he lifted his story from somewhere else, he should be confronted for it.

    Artistic integrity my ass. He doesn’t have that.

  5. ito na lang dalawa ang gusto ko nakikita sa bahay mo pinalayas mo pa?pikon!hoy!abs cbn palitan nyo na yung gagong boses na yan…

  6. i agree! Pikon si kuya. He always uses the excuse that he wants to see how the housemates prove themselves, but he has not proven himself to be a cool,calm,and collected person. pikon, pikon! and speaking of plagiarism and the like, diba, copy cat din ang PBB production staff, gayahin ba naman ang isang game sa takeshi’s castle one time. (yung human pins sa bowling game nila).

  7. coment…alam nyo lahat bago kyo pumasok sa bahay ni kuya, NAKAKAGIGLA behavior mo mcoy!!!, c ethel ok lng yan eh, nung gs2 nyng lmabas may hwak cyang razor ano cnabi ni kuya alalayan nyo c ethel, meaning ganon ang 2nay na pagkatao nya! mcoy, oo alam nmin na pagod ka na kaya tingin mo kay kuya wala cyang respeto sa yo!!!! kaw ba meron? nakagisnan mo na cmula pa na boses ang mga naging kausap ng lahat ng pumasok sa bahay… pero sa sobra mng talino hnahamon mo na lumabas ang boses na yun para harapin ka! mcoy without pbb d nmin kayo mkikilala d2 sa tfc, nakapag abroad ka na ba blang o.f.w? kndi pa mcoy super special kayo jan, weekly task lng SUSUKO KA! COZ artist ka? kng ako may pride mcoy pagpapa2loy ko ang talento ko sa labas, ano ba gnawa mo? tnanggap mo dahil alam mo na malaki m22long sa yo ng pbb, dapat na nga talaga palitan yng kntang gnawa nyo para sa pbb! dahil ikaw mismo D mo alam kahulugan non.. honestly speaking D KITA KILALA! ng sumali ka ng pbb n2wa ako sa yo pero agad na nabigo sa asal mo, PARA SA STAFF NG PBB SALUDO PO AKO SA INYONG LAHAT, keep up a GOOD WORK, D KAWALAN NA UMALIS NG BAHAY ANG MGA WALA NAMAN NAME, mabuti pa nga c megan eh!… BARON GOODLUCK! lagi kming nakasubaybay sa inyo…BIG BROTHER SALUDO PO AKO SA INYO…. goodluck to all of you.

  8. speaking of plagiarism and the like, diba, copy cat din ang PBB production staff, gayahin ba naman ang isang game sa takeshi’s castle one time. (yung human pins sa bowling game nila).

    Ano ka ba? alam mo ba definiton ng plagiarism? tanga!

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