Pictures of Celebrity Housemate Riza Santos

I asked a friend of mine to look for pictures of one of the more popular and hot Celebrity housemate, Riza Santos. Fortunately he was able to find some over the net. I hope you like them. I like Riza very much, I hope she stays for a long time inside the house. Thanks to the website for these pictures. I hope you like the pics.

Picture 1 of PBB Celebrity Housemate Riza Santos

Picture 2 of Celebrity Housemate Riza

Picture 3 of Celebrity Housemate Riza

Pictures of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Housemate Wendy Valdez

I have a friend who emailed me a few pictures of one of the more popular housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, Wendy Valdez. Being a beauty titlist, a tv personality, and commercial model, there could be a lot more pictures of Wendy out there if we try looking. Here are some of the pics. I hope you like them.

Wendy\'s pic2

Wendy\'s pic1

Wendy\'s pic3

Pictures of PBB Season 2’s Gee-Ann

Below are pictures of an interesting housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. She seems kind and cool. She comes from a family more endowed in terms of finances. And she’s a cheerleader too. But I guess what made her Big Brother interested in making her a housemate is her attitude toward her dolls which other find weird.

Below are Gee-Ann’s pictures:

Gee-Ann solo

Gee-Ann\'s pic with someone

Pictures of PBB Season 2’s Bea

A friend of mine sent me an email containing some pictures of Bea, one of the more promising and likable housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. I do not know where my friend got the pictures but I guess I would have to thank the wonders of the world wide web for this. And of course to my friend, Mark, thanks for looking this up.

Here are Bea’s pictures:


Bea\\\'s pic with cake

Bea\'s pic with someone

Bruce Quebral on PBB2?

Bruce Quebral

I just got a rumor from a very reliable source that gay magnet Bruce Quebral is one of the remaining housemates slated to enter the PBB house in the next few days.

This hottie of a model (I sound so gay saying this) used to play for the UP Maroons in one of their never–ending losing seasons. But who cares? His fans don’t give a damn about the Maroons, they just want him bare!

You heard it here first: Bruce Quebral is on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2!

Note: To the photographer who took the pictures I reposted above, please leave a comment and I’d gladly credit you and link to you, or remove the image if you desire. I couldn’t help doing a great service to our female readers as quickly as possible. 🙂