Second Nomination Night: Megan, Zara, & Baron (plus Donald) nominated for eviction!

The second nomination night again sees Megan as a nominee for eviction, as she was automatically nominated by Ethel Booba, the current head of household. If she would only try to clean up her act and simply fit in with the rest of the housemates, maybe she’d last this round of evictions. But at this point, would it all be too late?

Also nominated is Zara, who figuratively doesn’t exist at all. With the way things are going, she isn’t making any impact and might not get enough votes to keep her inside the house. At the end of this round, she simply might be evicted for not having enough impact at all, be it positive or negative.

Lastly, two–in–one housemates (and brothers) Baron and Donald are also nominated, though they are likely to survive with the way things look.

The coming week will be very interesting as these housemates do their best to save their slots in Pinoy Big Brother.

3 thoughts on “Second Nomination Night: Megan, Zara, & Baron (plus Donald) nominated for eviction!”

  1. please vote for megan..nakakaawa naman ethel kc di paren makaget over sa pagkaalis ni JEN plastik bungangera..lahat na..para xang tagabundok na palengkera…!! hate her!!

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