Rocky is the new Wendy

I’ve been quite busy and I have written a Pinoy Big Brother Double Up blog entry for quite a while. However with the treatment that Rica gets from the guy housemates of House B, I have to write a new entry expressing how I am disappointed with the guys of House B. Rica doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. What did she ever do to you? You don’t even know her. Shame on you guys of House B. I thought it was only the girls of House B who make House B very unlikable. It’s a given that Mariel and Yuri are the characters that people love to hate. Thanks to your treatment of Rica, you guys of House B will be getting the same hate of PBB fans. Patrick, I thought you were ok before but now I know better.

Whatever Rocky! You are the new Wendy. I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t like you. You were not even apologetic. You even have the nerve to say na nagpapakatotoo ka lang. Wendy Wendy ka nga!

I just hope people who don;t vote go out of their way to text and vote for you Rocky since this time people will vote for they want to be evicted.

See you at the outside world this Saturday Rocky!

10 thoughts on “Rocky is the new Wendy”

  1. Rocky is so “unlikable”! Well, so with all the guys of House B! But Rocky beats them all. He is trying sooo hard to get viewers’ attention and sympathy for. So obvious in two instances – first, when he decided to shave his hair ( why didnt he do it before he entered PBB?; Second, when he is making “drama” about missing his girlfriend – what the ****? is that about with matching crocodile tears!

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