Toni teaches Mcoy and Yayo how to swim.

When Toni went inside the PBB house, Kuya told her that she can leave after she finishes some tasks. Last Monday, Kuya instructed Toni to teach Mcoy and Mommy Yayo how to swim. Her tip: “don’t fight the water, flow with it”. Being patient to her task, Toni finally succeeded, when Mcoy and Yayo were finally able to swim without her assistance (and without a kickboard 😉 ).

Having achieved their goal to learn how to swim, Kuya gave a prize for Mcoy and Yayo. Both being parents who misses their families, especially their children, Kuya gave Yayo and Mcoy a heartwarming surprise.

Though blindfolded, Yayo was given a chance to be with her youngest son in the confession room for a minute, with lots of hugs, kisses and loving words. Mcoy, on the other hand, was made to watch a video of her daughter while she was opening the gift he gave for her birthday (in exchange for him being a “barbie doll”). As expected, both parents became very emotional with Kuya’s surprise, but definitely charged with a renewed spirit to continue living inside the PBB house.

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