Will, willingly loses to Riza?

While riding mini-pedal trikes, the housemates had to outwin one another in this week’s Grand Prix to be the next Head of Household.

The housemates had to finish one lap for the first three qualifying rounds.

First round: Yayo, Mariel, Ethel and Riza (winner)
Second round: Victor, Jon and Will (winner)
Third round: Mcoy, Gaby and Ruben (winner)

For the final round (3 laps), Riza, Will and Ruben were contending for the Head of Household title. On Kuya’s signal, all three of them started to pedal, but Will was noticeably not doing his best on purpose (since he was obviously good during the qualifying round). Was this to help Riza take the lead? Ruben, on the other hand, was close behind. He nearly overtook Riza on the final lap, only if Will didn’t block his way.

Hmm…can this be love? 🙂 Crush lang siguro 😉 But it was sweet of Will to give way to Riza, even if he had a strong chance of winning and enjoying the perks of being Head of Household. Sorry Ruben, naharangan ka pa tuloy.

5 thoughts on “Will, willingly loses to Riza?”

  1. heller?!kahit gustuhin pa ni will manalo e hindi na sya makakahabol kasi kulang pa sya ng isa pang lap…ang sabihin mo hinarangan nya si ruben para di ito makadaan…

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