Where’s Gaby?

The housemates woke up last Sunday to find their racer housemate, Gaby Dela Merced, missing. So, where’s Gaby?

Maybe she went to the doctor. – Mariel

She’s my second crush in the house. – Baron

A housemate: Ano na kayang nangyari kay Gaby?
Ethel: Sinundo si KC (haha)

and again…

Ethel: nag-race yun…
Another housemate: talaga?
Ethel: oo, sa San Lazaro

Tama naman si Ethel, nag-race nga si Gaby, pero hindi sa San Lazaro, kundi sa Subic! Yep, you heard it right, Gaby was out of the house and back on the race track…just for a day.

After four months without practice, Gaby is back to burn some tires. Due to her long break, her trainer made sure that she run a few laps first for warm-up and to get familiar with the track. In the middle of the race however, she experienced some engine trouble and therefore had to stop for a while. When her team finally managed to change her engine, the battery just had to die too and add up to the tension. Must have been very frustrating. After changing the car battery, Gaby was off to race again. And just like any fairy tale…este telenovela (eto na pala ang uso), pagkatapos maapi ng bida, sa ending sya pa rin ang panalo!

Gaby won first place, and her win couldn’t have been so much sweeter.

“I was hungry for it. I was so hungry for it. It was against all odds, yet the universe was with me.” – Gaby

But wait a minute…
…pwede lumabas ng bahay Kuya?