Pong Pong Galapong Alex

I like Alex!

Even if he is part-Italian who was raised in Italy, it is evident that Alex Anselmuccio is proud of his Filipino roots. I’m not just talking about him being circumsized while inside the PBB house just to feel that he is a “Filipino binata”, but the way he embraces his identity and certain cultures that come with being Filipino is truly remarkable.

Kudos to his parents who made him value his identity. It was so heartwarming to see him so ecstatic when his mom, Minda, went to their room the other day to give him a “pong pong galapong”. Apparently, his mom does this with him every night before he goes to sleep in Italy. And until now, he misses and enjoys it like a little boy would. And, not to mention, all the other housemates enjoyed it too!

He was certainly raised well. I hope he stays long in the house to show people more of what he really is.