Teen Missions Part 1

Haha! Hilarious! 🙂

Watching PBB Teen Edition Plus lately has been enjoyable. Lately, Big Brother has been giving the teens secret missions that are mischievous and funny at the same time. One time he requested Robi and Alex to bring Nan (who wasn’t able to join them with an earlier task as he was nursing a bruised eye due to an accident in one of their games) into the secret room and leave him there without his knowledge. At first Robi and Alex were guilty, but they instantly felt relieved when they saw the discovered Nan, spending time being taken cared of by his mom and his housemates’ guardians.

The guardians were also given their own task. They had to teach Nan some nursery rhymes so he could go back to where the teen housemates were. They taught him I’m a Little Teapot, Old Mcdonald and Eensy Weensy Spider, all with accompanying hand gestures and actions. They were unsuccesful according to Kuya, but it was fun watching the guardians sing and act with Nan.

FUNNY TIDBIT: Someone asked what ‘eensy’ meant and Alex’s mom said, “eensy, one inch!” =P