Second week of nominations in the PBB house

After Jieriel Papa leaves, it’s now a toss between Linda Backlund and Kevin Garcia as the next evictees of the Pinoy Big Brother house.

It’s Linda’s second time to be nominated. She has a certain attitude that the housemate’s don’t like. Maybe part of the reason is her family that was broken when her father left for Norway because of misunderstandings with her mom. Will the viewers give her another chance to change and show her better side?

Kevin, the Spanish Stallion of Madrid, got the highest number of votes since PBB started in the Philippines. He seems masungit and unapproachable to some housemates. Maybe because his poor Tagalog prevents him from communicating as much as he wants with the others. Will he be the next evictee? Will the viewers save him because of his looks? Or because of his jolly dad, who’s enjoying his stay in the PBB house.

We’ll find out this weekend. 🙂

Jieriel and guardians out of the house

After a week of voting, it was teen housemate Jieriel who was the first to go from the PBB house.

Others included in the first batch of nominees were Linda, Josef, Priscilla and Valerie. In the end, the televiewers decided to evict Jieriel. Maybe most people weren’t too pleased with Jieriel’s frankness and being loud. Josef, on the other hand, got the highest number of votes.

Together with Jieriel, stepdad Gerry, had to leave the house as well. The rule is that when a housemate gets evicted, their guardians get evicted too.

Another one to leave the house is Robi’s dad, Doc Boy. Among the teen council, it was Robi who lead the housemates into voting his dad off the PBB house as he believes his dad would be able to help more people outside. Doc Boy is a laparoscopic surgeon, which is a highly skilled profession. It was sad, but it was a wise decision. After all, Doc Boy already enjoyed 2 weeks of vacation, performed the first circumcision inside the PBB house, and proved to his son Robi that family is still more important than work.

Who’s going next? See the next batch of nominees here.