Angel Locsin – PBB Celeb2 latest special houseguest

Last night, another special houseguest was welcomed by Kuya and his housemates.

Weeks before this special houseguest entered the PBB house, rumors have been spreading that this chick from the rival network will be gracing PBB. Rumors has it that this girl will stay in the house for only a day. On the week that this celebrity is scheduled to enter the PBB house, another celebrity was trapped inside and was tagged as the newest celebrity houseguest instead of this girl. I still don’t know what happened that the PBB management changed plans.

But then again even if she wasn’t able to enter the house on the week she was planned to go to, her right time has come. Meet Angel Locsin – the latest PBB Celebrity Season 2 special houseguest.

Angel Locsin inside PBB House

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