Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Season 2

To all those who still visit this site, thank you! I apologize for the delay of my writing about Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edtition Season 2. I haven’t watched as closely as I have for the past few seasons but here’s what I think so far. I think the list of the celebrity housemates is ok. There’s a good mix of men and women who act like girls and boys, unheard of names and familiar faces, and various types of personalities. This early I’m not so sure who’s going to win but Ethel seems to be a good candidate to win it all–unless she’s forced evicted somewhere along the way. For the guys, I’m not so sure who’ll get fan support but it seems that many are fond of commercial model Will. Hmmm… ok fine, ayoko na mag-English…

So sino ang feeling kong maalis sa 1st eviction? Mukhang yung Deal or No Deal girls. Obvious naman e, unless walang bumoto kay Maegan. Bakit nga pala na-nominate si Maegan? Ayaw ba siya ng ibang housemates?

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