Commander Nene

I’m kinda scared for Nene‘s task for being the commander of the Big Brother Camp. Siyempre, baka kasi magalit sa kanya yung mga housemates with this new task. Iba rin kasi pag leader ka ng isang ‘military organization’. Ako I hated our CAT and ROTC officers while I was in school. Baka ganun di kasi yung makita nila sa kanya. I hope not. Mukahang very patient and considerate naman siya while doing her task.

Ang task kaya na ito ay ploy ng ABS para ma-nominate si Nene? Sana hindi. If yes, I’ll understand kasi I think marami namang boboto for Nene to stay if and when she gets nominated. Abangan na lang natin what happens next.

4 thoughts on “Commander Nene”

  1. there’s a possibility that they really might nominate Nene for eviction because of the weekly task but i do hope they understand. besides, they do all know that Nene has been a part of the military so it’s best suited that she’s in charge of them. and you’re right even if Nene do get nominated, a lot of people will vote for her to stay.

    i miss CAT.

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