It’s Toni’s turn inside the PBB house!

“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!”

That was Mariel’s hysterical lines when Big Brother surprisingly announced that she was going to be a houseguest. Now, it’s main PBB host, Toni Gonzaga’s turn to live inside the PBB house.

The day after Mariel went in the house, Kuya fooled around with Toni, when she brought housemate Ethel Booba in the house. Toni, obviously uneasy knowing what happened to her co-host the previous day, kept asking “Kuya, pwede na ba kong lumabas? Sino pong magho-host ng show? Live pa po ba tayo?” Kuya simply answered “Sige Toni pwede ka nang lumabas…kung makakalabas ka.” And to poor Toni’s surprise, the door was locked. She was almost crying, pleading to Kuya that she has a scheduled shoot the next day. To her relief, Kuya let her go that time.

Last night was a different story. While she was inside the house to “award” medals to the second round of nominees, Kuya called her to the confession room once again. “Toni, matagal na kitang nakakasama sa PBB, pero hindi pa kita lubusang kilala”. Toni was instructed to get the box beside her, which made her sure as to what was going to happen next.

The box contained her lapel mike, making it official that she is the newest PBB houseguest! She was definitely more calm than Mariel was, maybe because after Kuya fooled her the first time, she knew that she could be sent inside the house any moment. Though someone else might have packed her things for her, I think Kuya’s teaser helped prepare her mentally and psychologically for what she was expecting to happen. For sure, her manager already arranged her tight schedule to accommodate her indefinite stay in the house.

I’ve always tried to imagine Toni living inside Kuya’s house. And now that she is, I think she’ll be a good balance to Ethel Booba (since Jen isn’t around anymore…hehe) and Baron Geisler. What do you think?

C’mon guys! Panoorin na natin ang drama sa likod ng totoong buhay ni Toni Gonzaga! =)