Four nominees: Kian, Gee-Ann, Bea, and Jasmin

No brainer ba ang mangyayaring eviction night? Talaga bang si Jasmin ang lalabas? From the feedback I’m getting from viewers., mukhang oo. Hindi kasi likable itong si Jasmin e. She seems to be a difficult person to deal with. Though I think she’ll soon improve on that. As for the others I think they have more positive effects on the show. Bea has her charm while I think Gee-Ann has her set of fans. Gee-Ann may have detractors but she still has fans and supporters. As for Kian, I’m not so sure. Maraming nayayabangan sa kanya. Will his model looks be enough to save him? I think it’s a battle between Kian and Jasmin. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone of them leaves this weekend. Ako I like Gee-Ann to stay, basta hindi siya maalis muna ok na ko. Kayo? What do you think? Sino ang i-eevict niyo given a choice?

18 thoughts on “Four nominees: Kian, Gee-Ann, Bea, and Jasmin”

  1. jasmin needs to be evicted.. this girl is pathetic and definitely needs to get a life.. all her comments reveal how ill educated she is..

  2. i like gee_ann to stay in the house, gusto ko ugali niya saka mabait siya, halata na galing talaga sa prominenteng pamilya..go gee_ann…

  3. hi ate jasmin ako nga pala si cham tan ang gusto lang malaman mo na bakit feeling mong lalabas ka sa bahay ni kuya at dahil ba yun sa yo
    good lick na lang sa yo we love ate jasmin

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