Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote an entry. But hey, PBB’s back and I hope I’m back writing entries again for good.

So after watching one episode in Primetime, what do I think of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up?
Ok naman so far. I mean na-entertain naman ako kagabi with how the girl housemates were observant enough to notice na nagpalit yung twin housemates na kasama nila. I would like to think the housemates are diverse enough to make this season interesting. I think hindi naman masyado naging looks based ang basehan for the newest set of housemates to get in the PBB house.

I’m thinking that one reason they made two houses is for the two houses to compete against each other. It’s just a theory but I think they did it to somehow be like Survivor. Sa Survivor kasi, may two tribes. So dito sa PBB Double why not make two houses at paglabanin ang dalawa? I may be wrong. I guess, we’ll know this in time.

For the housemates, I don’t have a favorite yet. Haven’t seen much from them so I can’t really assess who I think has enough skills inside the house to make it through. I’m also thinking about how they divided the housemates. It seems that one that has mostly boys and one house has mostly girls. I have a feeling that the predominantly male house will have more interesting life. I somehow get the impression that the other house, the one with moslty girls, is the more serious house. That’s the vibe that I got when I watched last night. Pero yun nga, their house become more interesting when they somehow doubted the twins. Magiging interesting din siguro yung house nila pag dumating na ang time na mag-away away ang mga girls. Feeling ko kasi mas pwedeng mangyari yun kaysa magaway-away yung mga guys.

One last note, I think ka-boses ni Tom si Will Devaughn. Tama ba ang speeling ko? When Tom speaks, I am somehow reminded of Will. Ewan, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway it’s great to have the show back. Something to watch and look forward to everyday.

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  1. ang mga house B MGA TSISMOSA lalo na ang mga ba2e iwas iwasan nman nio ang ugali nio na ganyan nd ba kau nahi2ya na lagi na lng kau nagatsismisan…kaba2e nio ganyan kau..kaya lagi kau talo sa mga laro…

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